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The Style Crone brought in the New Year with silver, check out her other amazing outfits.

Want to learn two amazing new insights into Marilyn Monroe and her life?

Always cringe when you see yourself in photos? Fear no more, how to be photogenic.

Different hair has different needs, figure out what your hair needs with this perfect list.

Household chores we shouldn’t be doing! Done and done.

Yes, I do want to be more interesting in 10 simple steps.

Gorgeous + clean essentials that Elisa, a famous stylist, wears.

What are your quirky aspects of clothing? Mine is the color of my nail polish and scarves need to match. Weird, right? I love it!

Loving these sequin pants, so demure somehow!

 I adore this – Secrets of French girls:

“French women do not dress for men. French women don’t dress to be sexy. Of course we do dress to seduce — that’s different from trying to ‘catch’ a man by wearing flamboyant clothes. The basic attitude is different. A French woman never feels she’s offering herself. There’s never a sense of surrender, but an attitude of ‘I belong to me.'”

Running around for work and need to be smelling great? Try making your own deodorant. 

Does wearing all black make you feel like a bad-ass?




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