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How To Have A Great Holiday – Every Single Time

Lape Soletan is a writer and editor based out of Nigeria.  On her blog you’ll find ideas on places to holiday, how to enjoy the not-so-fun part of holidays (like planes and airports) as well as travel stories from her own trips.  Say hello on Facebook or Twitter!

We all know Karina dresses are practically made for travel (comfortable! machine washable! dress-up-and-downable!)  But not every aspect of travel and holiday-having always goes as smoothly.

Although the thought of going on holiday is exciting, there’s often a bit of nervousness involved too What if you end up hating it? What if you get homesick?   Here are a few tips to help increase your chances of having a fabulous holiday every time you go on holiday.

 Go with an open mind
If you go to a new place expecting to hate it, you probably will but if you go somewhere new with an attitude of excitement and expect to have fun, you probably will too.

 Clean your house before you go on holiday
It might seem strange to do the cleaning before you go on holiday but when you think about it, it makes sense.  It means you’ll come back to a clean (or at least, not so dirty) house and will spend less time cleaning when you first get back.  Doing so also means you’ll be able to enjoy yourself more on holiday since you won’t be dreading your return to a dirty room or house.

Plan what you plan to do
So you’ve booked your tickets and hotel, your planning shouldn’t end there.  What do you intend to do when you get to your holiday destination?  You don’t need to come up with an hourly schedule for your holiday but if you have an idea what you intend to do each day, you’re more likely to have a great time.

Record your holiday
Do this in any way you feel most comfortable:  by taking pictures, filming your days, writing in a journal or all three!  Recording your holiday might feel cheesy at the time but you’ll be pretty glad you did when you go through your pictures or journal weeks or years later.

Do what you really want to do
Ignore what you think other people will say.  If you want to spend everyday taking pictures at all the tourist sites at your holiday location, spending all day in malls so that you have no idea what the weather is like or lying down on the beach occasionally turning over, that’s what makes you happy so get on with it.

Make new friends
These don’t have to be your new best friends but that’s okay!  You never know where chatting to new people could lead – a great restaurant no guidebook ever told you about or a cheaper way to get around!

What do you do to make your vacation as awesome as possible?

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