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Karina Chronicles

Woman We Love: Megan Tosca Hill

Time for you to take a break, and meet another woman we love – Megan, who makes gorgeous modern movies with vintage cameras.

Name: Megan Tosca Hill
Age: 36
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Online homes: blog//twitter//facebook
Founder: Hello Super 8
Favorite Karina dress: Penelope and Sophie

What are your every day, must-reads, online or off?
Twitter & Facebook,, Pinterest,, INC. magazine, NY Magazine

You make modern movies on old-fashioned cameras.  How’d you get your start?
I learned all about makin’ films (back when there was still cutting and splicing) at Emerson College in Boston. After a number of years working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles (for the likes of the Jim Henson Company & Sony Pictures) to starting my own graphic design studio in New York, my love of retro filmmaking took over.

In 2007, I had the idea to dust off my old super 8 camera and film my friend’s wedding as a gift. Capturing the most intimate moments of that big day was the best feeling. And once my friend received the film and sent me a tearful message of joy, I knew I was onto something. I was meant to spread this happiness to people who also appreciated the grainy, saturated, gorgeous quality of real FILM!

What are the elements that make up a great piece of film?
First and foremost, I think capturing gorgeous images make a great piece of film. I’m also a big believer in the perfect music choices make the best movies.  And you can’t forget a good story… that is key!

Who (or what or where) are you dying to film?
I would love to shoot a music video for a favorite musician or band. I’d also love to film a wedding in India someday.

Your perfect day.  What would it look like?
Start with a delicious brunch with my good friends surrounding me in a beautiful setting in perfect 70 degree weather. We would then head out on a gorgeous hike where the end of the trail leads to a cold lake for swimming and hot springs for soaking. Coming back at the end of the hike will be a taco truck waiting with yummy Mexican food (fish tacos!). Then my friends and I would enjoy an outdoor film under the stars, followed by my favorite DJ playing a set so we could all get our boogie on. So my perfect day would basically include good food, action, nature, movies, music, dancing, and good people. :)

Thanks so much for sharing, Megan!

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