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You deserve a teeny, tiny break from the hectic week, you’ve made it to Friday! Enjoy these fun links!

High fashion can be hard to keep up with, but why not take some inspiration from these fun outfits?

Why you should keep the gray hair and thank the gods you’re not young anymore.

Winter is the perfect time for luxurious (faux) fur to make an appearance.

Wow, see why Barbie will never be a classic piece of artwork.

One skirt, two looks! 

How to make blazers fun.

Get rid of minimalism and commit to maximalism!

Fascinating! I’m 22 years old, a sex-worker and my boyfriend doesn’t know.

Doing what you love in 2012!

This is a great outfit, diverse textures and patterns without being overwhelming!

Everyone does these things when they fall in love.

How to get married.


Rocking red-heart glasses like a pro!

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