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Karina Chronicles

The Making of Our First Dress Video!

On March 8th we’re unveiling our very first Karina Dresses video! We’re so, so excited to share these first few sneak peeks with you.

All of our dresses have names and personalities of their own.  ‘Megan’ loves the farmers’ market and ‘Rita ‘ drinks her coffee black.  So we wanted to create a video that showcased all of the dresses and their different lives, styles & inspirations.

Our original idea was to create an ensemble of quirky, individualistic characters all linked to a common story line unfolding in a particular neighborhood.  Our creative team was inspired by the film ‘Amelie,’  especially the depth and detail of the film’s characters, each so independent but all so connected in the end.  We were sure that this paradox – separate but connected – was one that would speak to our customers. Initially, we had talked about doing a video vignette for each dress/character but then we realized that we needed to do something that covered the whole product line first and then introduce individual dress stories in the future.

We’re so proud of our first effort – stay tuned to see the whole thing!

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