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It’s Friday!  Why not hunker down with a cup of coffee and peruse these links?

Do you adore people-watching? Then this will brighten your day.

10 things nobody warned me about my twenties.

Looking to go south for the rest of winter? Surviving South America.

I work at a non-profit and I strip to pay off student loans.  

A super-easy DIY that produces elegant Givenchy like heels.

Get some tissues. These photos follow ‘Love Ever After.’

Something decadent and spring-like to get you in the mood for warmer weather? Try making Avocado & Coconut Ice cream. Yum.

How Marilyn Monroe stayed in shape.

Celebrity shoes closets!

Check out Posh Spice’s new clothing line.

10 things that have made all the difference to one couple’s relationship.

Loving this cute photo shoot. I’m addicted to the colors and patterns!

Why I’m fat-positive.

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