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Karina Chronicles

Woman We Love: Sarah Autumn Feeley

Cute, quirky and fun – Sarah Autumn Feeley is all these good things and more which is why we love her!

Name: Sarah Autumn Feeley
Age: 31
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Online homes: Blog//Tumblr
Favorite Karina dress: Gala

What are your every day, must-reads, online or off? 
BoingBoingJezebelJust JaredThe New York TimesSartorialistHonestly WTFThe Fat NutritionistFrance Info.

How do you stay excited and motivated during the long, cold winter?
I’m a writer, and for me setting small goals – just sitting down to write for even ten minutes each day – is the key. Sometimes this is a little easier in winter, when there’s less of that primal pull to get outside.

I’ve worked in film for the last few years and that often means long hours out in the cold. I’ve got plenty of gear to make the freezing weather bearable, throw in a little freaky climate change, and this year was practically balmy.

I try to respect that my body might prefer to slow down a bit when it’s dark and dreary out, but I make it a point to layer up and get out and run Prospect Park four times a week. The park is one of the greatest parts of living in Lefferts Gardens.

What are your top three style tricks?
Act like it works, and you can get away with almost anything (case in point – formal sweatpants paired with heeled booties and a sheer top); dry shampoo; red lipstick. Oh and one more – coconut oil – stick the jar in a sink full of hot water when you get in the shower, apply while still damp, and have smooth, hydrated skin when you get out.

If you could give a piece of advice to your 16-year-old self, what would you say?
It’s okay to have to work hard to get what you want, don’t be discouraged. Also, stop over-plucking your eyebrows.

Your perfect day.  What would it look like?
Up early, go for a run and to yoga, massage, delicious lunch with a friend, strolling around, bumping into someone I’ve been missing, stopping for tea or coffee and a sweet snack, ending up somewhere with a big glass of wine or a negroni in hand, followed by more good food and good company. Work doesn’t seem to play in there at all…I’ll add write a great short story to the list.

Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

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