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Closet Envy: Nubby Twiglet

Let’s take a peek inside design-happy Nubby Twiglet‘s closet.

Name: Nubby
Location: Portland, Oregon
Blog: Nubby Twiglet
Twitter: @nubbytwiglet

What’s your favorite item in your closet at the moment?
A 70s era wool orange, navy and yellow plaid skirt I picked up off Etsy for $20.00.

You share a closet with your husband.  Any tips for sharing space peacefully?
I actually have my own closets, two IKEA wardrobes with a mix of drawers and shelves that help keep everything nice and orderly. I always hang my clothing by color since I’ve a very visual person.

Do you have any super genius storage/organization tips to share?
I sort all of my socks and tights by color and roll and store them in clear acrylic organizers from Target. It keeps me from losing socks and digging through piles of tangled tights!

Best type of hanger: wooden, plastic, or those puffy satin ones?
I use heavy duty metal ERLING hangers from IKEA. They never bend and have a nice industrial look.

Thanks for sharing, Nubby! 

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