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Woman We Love: Heather Disarro

Time to meet yet another awesome lady  of the Internet!  Say hello to our good friend Heather of Heather’s Dish fame!

Name: Heather Disarro
Age: 28 – no shame!
Location: Boulder, Colorado – but always a native Texan at heart!
Online homes: Heather’s DishFaces of BeautyFacebook, Heather’s Dish Twitter, Faces of Beauty Twitter, PinterestYouTubeTasteSpottingFoodGawker

Tell us what makes your blog different from all the other food blogs out there.
My love of food stems from a great relationship with family and friends growing up, and that’s what I try to center all of my recipes around – that need for food to be a social and inclusive thing.  I take my inspiration from the classics that I grew up with in West Texas, from the new trends that are emerging as we speak, and from the need that I have for food to bring comfort through bringing friends and family together.  It’s a way of life and one that I never get tired of; my hope is that my recipes on the blog will bring people together!

What are your every day, must-reads, online or off?
I always always always read the Bible every morning through –   it’s an online devotional of sorts that my church in Dallas started me on.  Otherwise I read pretty much every food blog out there and am a little too obsessed with Pinterest these days.  That site’s dangerous!

You love cooking.  What’s your go-to recipe at the moment?  
That’s a great question – I am loving omelets at the moment for just about any meal – it packs a ton of protein and you can always change out the ingredients to suit whatever is in season.  And cheese – cheese is always here to stay!

If you could give your 16 year old self advice, what would you say?
I know it’s going to sound weird and counter-intuitive, but I would tell myself to embrace the pressure that I felt to be good at everything.  I put enormous pressure on myself to succeed academically, athletically, socially, and so on and I truly believe feeling that way made me push myself much further than I would have gone otherwise.  I would also quickly follow that up with a strong reminder that those successes and failures don’t define me as a person…but to embrace the hard times and work through them!

Your perfect day. What would it look like?  

It would start by waking up next to my husband, always.  We would be on an island beach and pop outside to kayak and paddle board, eat, nap, and then spend the remainder of the day outside hiking and playing in the sunshine with our puppies!

Thanks for sharing, Heather!

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