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Karina Chronicles

Be You. Everyone Else is Taken.

Val is a life + event + business architect.  She leads group workshops in person and online but her real passion is one on one coaching for creative types.

As kids we all ran in the rain, stuck our bellies out, ate until we were sick, and screamed at the top of our lungs when we sang our favorite song.  Where did those days go?  Those days of complete happiness, of no judging, no second-guessing ourselves, and no lack of complete and total wonder.  Did someone come along and say “Don’t do that.” or “You’re too old to act that way.” or (the dreaded) “Grow up.”?  Yup.  And you know who said it most of all?


Every day you have a choice – a choice to live life full out, to take the world by the nostrils and have a kick ass day, to belt out Whitney Houston at the top of your lungs (Okay, maybe that’s just me).  Every day you choose to silence your inner joy button and to play the smallest game you can – the game called “Fit In”.  Well, I say let it go, sing your song, dance in the rain, and play a HUGE game!  It’s your life.  Are you seriously going to stifle yourself?  What is your moment?  Grab onto it and never ever let anyone tell you not to.

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