Karina Chronicles

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Hot Fabulousness Catwoman, it’s Friday! Throw aside the week that was and feast your eyes on new possibilities…

Our own Karina Cousineau shares what life was like for her at 22!

Ladies, do we ever need a reason to give ourselves a gift? Diamonds are forever

Little loving? Lacking? Loathing? Self love bootcamp, baby! Reminding yourself how awesome you are!

A book, bath, and bubbles? Really, is there anything more to say, except…now for the perfect book? Here you are, and you’re welcome!

Cluttered spaces can create cluttered thoughts: Organization ideas to clear your (brain) space.

Dealing to criticism and conflict for a better you.

 15 ways to relax on the job…just don’t tell your boss!

What to do when everyone feels they should comment on your clothing choices.

Yes!  On searching for the perfect retro swimsuit.

Need a reminder that you’re amazing?

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