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Want something out of your life?  Follow this advice.

Organic lipstick that feels good!  And works!

What should you wear to a spring wedding?

Let’s all travel vicariously to Japan through Michelle’s photos.

What sort of messages are we sending our daughters and other young women about what it means to be a “real girl”?
It is not girls who are skinny or symmetrically featured or who wear lots of makeup who are the problem, but a culture that says girls who are all those things are cuter, cooler and more worthy of our attention than girls who aren’t – not to mention a culture that says even if you are all those things (whether you got there through your own efforts or the genetic lottery), you could still look “better” if you had Photoshop to trim your waist, thicken your hair, enhance your breasts or straighten your nose.

About being honest on the internet.

Yum.my. Homemade pizza, 9 delicious ways.

We here at Karina Dresses love travel!  How To Road Trip Solo.

From Jello to ballet. 7 ordinary things in extraordinary slow motion.

On making your failures epic.
Failing does not equal failure.
I remind my students of this before every quiz. Before each test, their pencils are put to the side and I ask them very gravely if this spelling test is going to decide their fate. Will they be held back if they do not get 100% on Spelling List #14? Will their hair fall out if they forget how to spell a word? If they forget a silent letter, should we begin preparing our zombie shelters? After we stop talking about the possibility of a zombie attack, the students are ready. We’ve taken the fear out of failing and there’s nothing left for them to worry about.
Failing means you tried.

Dots + tulle = gorgeous.

Some gorgeous photos to look at when you just need to caaaaaaalm doooooown.

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