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Karina Chronicles

Introducing: Our First Dresstimonial™ Video!

We’ve known for quite a while that there’s something magical about Karina dresses. We get handwritten notes that read “Thank you for existing.” We get emails from husbands, thanking us for how happy our dresses make their wives. We see customers buy 7 or 8 dresses at a time. Seriously. And we have fans who trust our dresses so much, they travel with them -and almost nothing else – in their suitcases to far flung exotic places. Like PTA meetings. And Provence. And Andra Pradesh, India.

But we weren’t sure how to communicate this total, complete, oh-my-God-I-want-another-one devotion.  But like every English teacher says: “Don’t tell, show.”

With that sage advice, we created our very first ‘Dresstimonial™’ video, featuring some of our favorite ladies, sharing why, exactly, they love these dresses so much.

Are you equally obsessed with your Karina dress or want to be included in a future video? Create your own Dresstimonial and send it to us at karinadressesmktg@gmail.com and we might feature it right here on this blog! If we do, we’ll send you a FREE dress for sharing your thoughts with us and our growing customer community around the world.

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