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Karina Chronicles

Meet Your Maker: May Edition

Hello, friends!  It’s me, Karina Cousineau of Karina DressesHere’s a peek at what I’ve been loving and doing this month.

1) New after-work beverages
Across from the Karina design studio is a local hangout  where dogs are welcome.  Bodhi will sit on a stool, quietly waiting for bar snacks!  They serve yummy drinks, have trivia night, and serve up locally made vegan empanadas and pretzels.  My favorite drink is  local gin with thyme-infused simple syrup and cucumber.  Yum!

2) Before-work dog park adventures
Since Bodhi comes to work with me every day, it’s only fair we have morning time at the dog parks. We make all sorts of new doggie friends there, too!  Bruiser is a very agile french bulldog who jumped up and kept me company with my morning cup of Joe.  Pretty cute!

3) Planting bulbs upstate
Bodhi and I have a new garden helper!  Rio is almost 3-years-old and he’s great help with digging holes!  This is our first year to be planting bulbs – fingers crossed. We planted dahlias, wild flowers, peonies, and foxglove.

4) Museum openings!
Last weekend I attended an opening at The New Museum  in New York City.  The textile artwork was interesting but, the fashion seen at the show was amazing!

5) Designing swimsuits
Now that we have the perfect fitting dress;  this month, I am designing the perfect swimsuit!  This suit will be available next month just in time for some summer surfing :)

What have you been up to this month?

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