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Karina Chronicles

Clickity Click!


This pug looks ready for the weekend.

Congratulations on making it through another week! Have some links to celebrate the start of the weekend:

Have a phone? Need a poem? New York’s Museum of Modern Art has got you covered.

Ever wondered how common your birthday is?

This Columbia University janitor got his Ivy League degree this week!

These high school teachers asked their students to film heartfelt testimonials…while secretly rocking out to Whitney Houston in the background.

Should employers be able to ask for Facebook passwords?

Love these rainbow lips— something to try at home?

Jenna Marbles has some hilarious tips on doing your makeup under the influence. “It doesn’t have to be perfect, because you’re already perfect the way you are.” (New life motto!)

How much personal space do you need? Taking It All Off: Black Women, Nudity, and the Politics of Touch

Can’t wait to try this colorful chalk hair tutorial.

“A bad idea starts with, ‘That looks easy…I could do that.’ A good idea starts with, ‘That looks fun…I should do that.'” On a tote!

How to make beautiful notebooks.

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