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How to Feel Pretty Post-Pregnancy

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According to the US Census Bureau there are 85.4 million mothers in the United States, the ranks of which I just recently joined with my firstborn child. Let me just go ahead and put it out there: becoming a mother is, besides my wedding day, the single most life-altering experience I have ever had. It has changed the woman that I am to my core, and even through the sleepless nights and occasional endless bouts of crying there is not a single thing that I would change about it.

There are a lot of things that make being a new mom feel a little more than unattractive. Blame it on the post-baby squishy tummy, the gross night sweats, or the wildly dry skin and greasy hair – those things, unfortunately, are out of our control in the beginning. Here are the top 5 things that have helped me feel beautiful, even after having to sleep on a towel at night.

1. Wear something that makes you feel sexy. I know it’s a tall order, but there are clothes that are flattering and sexy even one day post-baby. You just had a baby, birthed a human being, all after carrying it inside of your body for 40+ weeks. That alone is beautiful, but the full chest (regardless of how painful it might be), curvy hips and beautiful legs are all available for showing off. Pick the part you love the most!

2. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable. Wearing something that makes you feel comfortable in your current skin will make that miraculous body of yours even more beautiful. You want something soft that hugs oh-so-gently to your skin; it’s not too tight and not so loose that you feel you’re wearing a tent. And let me just say from experience that dresses are usually the best thing for postpartum fashion!

3. Take a shower. Simple and basic? Yes. Essential yet overlooked? Definitely. Take a shower, put on some clean clothes, slather on some of your favorite lotion. It may not seem like much, but in the world of constant nursing and diaper changing it will make all the difference in your self-confidence and make you feel like a woman again.

4. Paint your toenails. Pedicures are fabulous, but let’s face it: there’s no time right now. BUT you can always take a little time to paint those feet that you haven’t seen for several months. Rejoice in finally being able to reach your feet and show them a little love. Even if the shower hasn’t happened yet,fresh and clean feet will do wonders!

5. KNOW that you are beautiful. Even though we can all wax poetic about taking care of yourself physically as a new mother, there is never enough said about the miracle that you just performed. For 9 months you nourished and loved a baby and then gave birth to it. Your body has the capacity to continue to be the source of love and nourishment and care for that tiny human. You are beautiful, no matter how you look or smell, in the sole fact that you are a superhero!

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