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Frockstar™: Mary Van Note

Name: Mary Van Note
Age: 28
Location: Sacramento, CA at the moment (if anyone wants to give me a job in San Francisco or Los Angeles I’m yours)
Online homes: blogwebsite, twitter, youtubefacebooketsy shop
Favorite Karina dress: The yellow and green geometric print Gala Short Sleeve
How you know Karina:  I first heard of Karina through The Citizen Rosebud blog

What are your every day, must-reads, online or off?
Everyday my reads are the San Francisco Chronicle, FeministingConnected Comedy.  I love the hilarious truth that stand-up comedian Phoebe Robinson writes on blaria.  I also have my never-ending google reader filled with personal style/fashion blogs including my favorite ladies; Agent LoverFashion Forestryà l’allure garçonnière.

You’re a comedian by trade.  Can you share your best, go-to dinner party joke?
“Did you guys hear about the zoo in China that just got shut down?  It was so run down; they only had one dog left. (Hold it… time it perfectly..)  It was a Shih-tzu.  Bad jokes aside, my usual tactic is the passionate telling of embarrassing stories like the time I made an ass of myself in front of Bruce McCulloch of The Kids in the Hall fame.  I slay people with my numerous foibles of yester yore… er… yesterday.

How has the internet changed comedy?
It’s an exciting time for comedy.  Getting a spot on a late-night show won’t catapult your career the way it did in the days of Carson.  Now it’s all about creating internet content; podcasts, web series, funny twitter feeds.  In fact I think there will be less huge superstar comedians and more comedians who have found their niche audience on the internet.  More comedians will be able to make a living.  It’s definitely hard though.  Comedians in this age have to not only be good at telling jokes on stage, you’re expected to be promoters, bloggers, prolific joke writers, essayists, video editors, directors, actors, producers, innovators… essentially you have to work your ass off.

If you could give your 16 year old self advice, what would you say?
Bros before Hoes, Mary.  Bros before Hoes.

Your perfect day.  What would it look like?
Brunch with my grandmothers and then we teleport to different places on earth just for the hell of it; the leaning tower of Pisa, São Miguel, the Grand Canyon.  Then it’s off to a party with everyone who ever lived who makes me happy on a tropical island.  Super hoppy IPA is on tap and no matter how much you drink it doesn’t fill you up.

Thanks for sharing, Mary!

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