Karina Chronicles

Meet Your Maker: June Edition

Every month we ask our founder Karina Cousineau to share five things that are inspiring her as of late.  Here’s what she loves in June!

1. Rhubarb
Rhubarb was a favorite part of my childhood. My mom would have us grab a piece to eat with a bit a sugar in the palm of our hand to sweeten its tartness.  That same rhubarb plant is on my parent’s property years later and giving us the celery-like stalks we enjoy in my favorite strawberry/rhubarb pie.  Did you know that rhubarb is an ancient plant dating back to 2700BC.?  It originally came from  China were it was used for medicinal purposes as a gentle purgartive.  Now now we enjoy in as sorts of recipes – it’s good in savory dishes, too!

2. Shea butter
This is one of my favorite beauty products. This ivory-colored fat is extracted from the nut of the West African shea tree – it’s the best moisturizer ever!  It’s best used in an unrefined, unscented and pure state and  it’s inexpensive and and great for all skin conditions!

3.  Lessons from Bodhi
My dog Bodhi teaches me new things regularly – like the importance of stretching!  Every morning he stretches every part of his cute body and as I’m racing out the door for another busy day this simple exercise makes my day better !

4. The Met’s Spring 2012 Costume Institute that features Schiaperilli and Prada
It’s called Impossible Conversations.   This was a great source of inspiration & joy  ~  It will be open until August 19th!

5. Gidget – our first swimsuit!
The first swimsuit in my like is available this month!  It will be available on the first official day of summer in your fave boutiques.

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