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Thoughts of a Style-less Mother

Heather is the writer behind the food blog Heather’s Dish and the coordinator of the beauty blog Faces of Beauty. She avidly writes about her love of food and life and encourages women to see their true beauty. When she’s not out hiking or skiing you can find Heather in her kitchen, whipping up a delicious meal, eating at a favorite restaurant with her husband, or out grabbing coffee with her girlfriends. Heather and her husband brought their son Weston into the world on March 8, 2012.

When I was in college I distinctly remember a time when my roommate was going out for the night and wanted to wear something different than what she wore out the week before.  After hours of trying on outfit after outfit she finally called me in and asked my opinion.  I waltzed in wearing the same outfit I had run 6 miles in earlier that day and picked out her clothes for the night in one fell swoop.  When she got home later that night she told me that everyone at the party had complimented her on the fantastic outfit she was wearing, and from that moment on I became the person she came to for clothing advice.

The funniest part of that entire story is the fact that everything I owned was in some shape or form made for exercise.  It was what I did, what I cared about, and I would rather have spent money on clothes that I knew I would use rather than clothes I might wear to a party in the distant future.  So I have lived, for the past 6 years, with the knowledge that I possess fashion sense, that I know what looks good, and have blatantly chosen to ignore that.

Now that I’m a mom I’m starting to understand that maybe it’s not a good idea to live in workout clothes alone for the rest of my life.  There are several reasons for this:

1. I’m not running 6-10 miles a day anymore. Knee injuries and the fact that I have a job have gotten in the way of my old running habit, and therefore I no longer need to make workout clothes my priority.

2. I’m actually a grown-up. It’s so hard to understand that even though I feel 18 still, I’m actually not.  I’m married with a baby and a mortgage.  Although those aren’t precursors to having to dress better, I do believe that maybe it’s time to start dressing my age.

3. I know what looks good; why haven’t I been listening to myself? This is the thing that gets me:  I know what to wear.  I spend money on clothing.  It’s not all about what I wear, but there’s a certain confidence that stems from knowing you look good in normal people clothes.  Time to perk those ears up!

4. I’m a mom. By no means does this mean I have to dress up to play that role; in fact, a lot of women would likely feel like they need to dress down.  But I do want my baby boy to see a woman who exudes confidence and who dresses appropriately.

5. I actually love fashion. Based on the story at the beginning, I think it’s obvious that I care.  And it’s time to start showing it!

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