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Ashlei of "Kinks are the New Pink," with a fabulous patterned clutch.

It’s Friday! Would you like some links to take you into the weekend? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Why is fashion worth blogging about?

The magic of slips.

Are high school girls unfairly targeted by dress codes?

Scrabble pillows!

Making the hideous presentable is still mostly a woman’s job.” -Irin Carmon on Asma al-Assad’s controversial Vogue profile

Could the mystery of Amelia Earhart’s fate be solved by…freckle cream?

Re-touching the Consequences of Extreme Thinness– one more way that the bodies in magazines are photoshopped

Love this mini locket!

This sheer dress is fantastic — and not too sheer.

If you could start your wardrobe over from scratch, what would you change?

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