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Karina Chronicles

Clickity Click!

This week’s links! Brought to you by Frida Kahlo, style icon.

Does black and white put you in the mood for fall?

Olympic-inspired gold accessories!

“I’m putting out a call to abandon our fashion fears and liberate our desires, to allow ourselves to break free of self-imposed rules.” – Patti of “Not Dead Yet Style,” on using style to be good to yourself

Blueberry popcorn? Sounds perfect for a summer movie night.

Wheelchair Users Have the Best Shoes

A sunflower chair with a built-in bookcase!

The Anxious Person’s Field Guide to Confidence

What do you think of shoes matching bags?

These anti-theft lunch bags would work on us!

Can creativity be automated?

What do you think a robot-designed dress would look like? And would you wear one? Happy Friday!

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