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Story of The Dress: Daisy

Now, I wouldn’t want to give our other dresses a complex by saying one dress is ‘more joyful’ than the others, but The Daisy just might be.  I named this dress after the happiest and heartiest of the flowers, which has always been an inspiration to me.  
  It wasn’t just the beautiful flower that inspired me though. Just like the flower; Daisy (owner of DIG boutique) has been positive and strong friend and definitely needed a dress named after her!

Bloom where you’re planted, like a daisy of a daffodil.
– Old English gardening saying.

This sweet wrap dress has a sleeveless ruffled collar that gives you full coverage, and hits just at the knee. Perfect for an afternoon of antiquing with your girlfriends, sipping wine on a patio somewhere or picking a few wildflowers of your own!

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