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ANOTHER Great Giveaway For Our Facebook Fans!

Yup, we’re still super excited about having reached 5,000+ Facebook fans!  And as a thank you, we’re giving away one self-love coaching session with our favorite coach (and Karina Chronicles contributor) Mara Glatzel.

Mara works with women who are ready to get to work cultivating the lives that they want, and deserve.

You’ll get on the phone for one hour of practical, solution-driven exploration— She’s bringing  years of mentoring experience, clinical mental health training, and my innate + super-sharp talents of observation.  Together, you’ll get to the deep root of what’s really up, not just the surface layer tangles.

You’ll leave feeling validated, centered + emotionally-revved to make the changes you need to make — and live the life you deserve — all in one 60 minute jam session. Quick + to the heart of the matter.

Want to win?  Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and keep your eye peeled on August 30 for the giveaway details!

Mara is passionate about helping women bring their gifts to the world. And we’re proud to have her on board as a Karina Dresses brand ambassador, and also share her gift with all of you. Good luck!

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