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Clickity Click!

Happy Friday! This week’s Clickity Click brings you ballgowns, book-scented perfume, and elegance.

Would you wear a perfume that smells like a freshly-printed book?

The lovely Laura Connell weighs in on the 3 big lies the media tells that increase bad body image.

What if you could transfer negative feelings off of you and onto someone else?

Make an awesome zipper bracelet!

Why every woman should travel alone sometimes.

Check out the house that Frank Gehry designed in New Orleans.

This red ball gown is magical.

DIY doodler — start with the picture of the pin-up girl, and draw in the rest of the scene.

How do you stay stylish in the heat? Gabi’s got one look.

“I have a theory that elegant people have an aura of impenetrable private sadness, and that good taste and impeccable manners are life’s consolation.” Lauren Cerand, on elegance

Enjoy your weekend!

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