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Can you believe it’s Friday already?  Here are some of our favorite reads this week.

Check out all these gorgeous fashion bloggers walking the runway at the Blogher 2012 fashion show!

How to be a better procrastinator?

Want your man to be a bit more fashionable?  Check out the must have color for men this Fall.

We love Mara’s Manifesto of Deserving.

A reminder that we are all winners.

A Letter To My Baby Girl – so sweet!

The fashion at music festival Outside Lands is fantastic!

10 Radical Self-Love Exercises
3. Write down 5 characteristics of people you admire. Do you respect their bravery, their honesty, their imagination? Why do you think highly of these attributes? What could you do to bring more of those qualities into your life? How could you be more like that?

Have a great weekend!

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