Karina Chronicles

Follow Our R+D Adventures At The Renowned Brimfield Antiques Show!

This week, we’re taking the Karina Dresses R+D show on the road! We will be attending the world famous Brimfield Antiques Show and Flea Market. Why?  We’ll be looking high and low for inspiration for future dress lines.

You ladies know as well as we do – there’s really very little our fashion ancestors haven’t already invented or tried out in some way or another. Some things worked and went on to be widely known in the fashion universe. And some things were just not suited to the times and temperament. But ideas and inspiration for that next signature detail – neck line, skirt shape or sleeve drape – are everywhere in fashion history,  just waiting to be be (re)discovered by gals intrepid (and hard-working) enough to do the exploration. Shopping all day at the world’s biggest vintage and antiques fair? Grueling work we know, but somebody’s gotta do it, right ladies?!  



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