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Karina Chronicles

Our Final Day of Brimfield Vintage Adventures

Doug from Salvation Antiques

Chris sharing his personal meditation experiences

The spirit of Audrey was everywhere at Brimfield

1930’s style maven

Brimfield shoppers’ notes

What a gorgeous day for shopping at Brimfield!  The sheer scale – several miles long with 17 different field s- was overwhelming in a good sort of way. We saw lots of amazing furniture, well-curated clothing, and beautiful jewelry. It was hard to keep track of it all, so you just walk and look and walk and look. Every now and then you stop and chat up a dealer.   And once in a great while you buy something. Today’s haul included metal stools from a doctor’s office; mid-century school chairs; a tang horse reproduction; and an oilskin fishing bag with leather details.

Today was also day for collecting new friends! The two most interesting were Chris & Doug from an antiques shop called Salvation. They specialize in American and Buddhist antiques and have a very spiritual world view. Best of all, their tent smelled of warm maple syrup!

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