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Karina Chronicles

DRESSTEMBER – Our Ode To Dresses

As you probably figured out by know, we love love love dresses.

Everything about dresses.

How they’re made. The shape and silhouette.
How they drape. How easily they slip on. And slip off (blushing).
POCKETS! Pleats, gathers and ruffles. How they twirl.
The length and where on your body they fall. This alone is enough to start a heated debate on any girlfriends night out or PTA meeting.
The shape of the neckline and the consequences for how much or little is revealed.  If Helen of Troy had a face that launched a thousand ships,
imagine what she could’ve done if her tunic had a more feminine neckline!?

Anyway, you get the picture. We love dresses and we’re starting a new Fall tradition. Introducing DRESSTEMBER – our month long celebration of dresses. Last week, we kicked things off with a first look at the Fall line. And yesterday we added the second batch of gorgeous Fall 2012 dresses to our web store. Oh….you haven’t seen them yet?  Better get a move on, slow-poke!

And this past weekend we posted the coupon code DRESSTEMBER1 to our fans in the KarinaNation on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be posting new codes there each weekend in DRESSTEMBER, so be sure to keep checking back.

Happy DRESSTEMBER, ladies!

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