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It’s Friday!  Time for some fun links to help you avoid all that work you should be doing!

How great is this post about different perfumes from different times in the writer’s life?

Fascinating!  What it’s like to work as a professional party princess!
We do not say NO to children, or ask or order them to do things, even in games. Instead we say, “Can you…”, as in “Can you all line up for the next game?” or “Can you put your hands on your head for this part of the song?” or “Can you sit there while we get the pizza cut?” We do not ask for water, ask to use the bathroom or ask for tissues or things from the parents. We don’t eat or drink while driving to and from parties, in case we spill on the dress.

This tongue-in-cheek take on ‘New Problem Areas’ is hilarious!  We like “already peplum-shaped hips”.

Fashion choices can send a message.  The dress Michelle Obama wore when she gave her ‘history changing speech’ sent one.

Would you ever bring a Pantone color chip to your hairdresser?  Here’s what happens when two women brought in ‘Tangerine Tango.’

Are we too hung up on our teeth?  Celebrity teeth before and afters.

In case you needed a refresher, How To Be Friends With Another Woman.

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