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Why Our Dresses Cost $160: We’re A Green Company

By Garnet Heraman, Karina Dresses Co-owner

This is one in a series of posts in which we break down why, exactly, our dresses cost what they do.  We really, really love our dresses and we think once you know more about all the behind-the-scenes work, you’ll love ’em even more.  If that’s possible.

As you probably know by now, every single Karina dress is handmade in America.  We’ve chosen to keep our business on American shores because we want to do our part to rebuild the ailing US economy. But another reason that is equally close to our hearts is that we think it’s incredibly important to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Buying “Made in the USA” products IS the “green” choice. When consumers purchase items imported from other countries, they rarely take into consideration the carbon footprint of that item, i.e. how it was manufactured. For example, if you purchase made in USA clothes you are guaranteed they came from somewhere in the 50 states. Depending on where you live, there is a good chance your clothing item was manufactured and shipped to the end consumer less than 3,000 miles away.

If you purchase an article of clothing made overseas, it’s possible that the fabric came from one country in the south Pacific and the item was assembled in an entirely different country then shipped to the United States. When all is said and done, one article of imported clothing has most likely traveled thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of miles before it ends up in your local mall. And even if the clothing is organic apparel, the environmental footprint may be quite large.

Imagine the carbon footprint of shipping that that $20 mall dress from Cambodia to Colorado!  Huge, to say the least. In fact, the hidden implications of these so-called “outsourced emissions” is so big it may actually cancel out gains that developed economies like the US and UK are making in reducing emissions.

Exactly! Small decisions have huge impact on the world we live in. And that’s a big part of why we do things the way we do here at Karina Dresses…But that’s enough preaching for the moment. THANK YOU! to the tens of thousands of mindful women around the world who have bought our dresses because you are making a difference on many levels.

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