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Happy Friday! As if the fact that the weekend is nearly here weren’t exciting enough, here are some links to help brighten your day.

Think you need Heidi Klum’s budget (and body) to rock super skinny leather pants? Think again! Jaclyn Day details five other affordable options.

And if you want some comfortable, polished outfit ideas to welcome this chillier season, look no further than What I Wore, where Jessica Quirk shares her latest Fall outfits (and her love for boots!).

Today Chris Guillebeau reminds us that often what seems the scariest (striking out on our own through self-employment – as a fashion blogger, perhaps?) may offer the most security.

Ever wondered what the inside of a famous fashion designer’s studio looked like? Today, Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam offers an inside view of Isaac Mizrahi’s workspace (and some fabulous new outfits).

The New York Times’ Fashion Section takes us to the streets with real-life examples of women rocking bangs in new and classic ways.

Chichi Kix of FitVillains offers some helpful advice on negative thoughts and body love:
(Y)our negative thoughts may not go away. But you CAN learn how to manage them so they lose their power & grip on you (and thus, leave you a happier person! Yay!). Our headspaces need protecting, and body love is like a muscle: it takes daily maintenance to keep it strong.

And if you need some time to yourself this weekend, Becka Robinson from Life as an Artistpreneur offers 15 (moderately classy) ways to just say thanks, but no thanks.

Happy weekend!

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