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How Vintage Is Your Body Type?

Julie Wray is the brains and beauty behind the blog Olivine’s Charm School, the small business e-course A Lovely Venture and the perfume line Lulu Beauty

When I realized that stopping to follow every fashion trend and starting to look more closely at my own unique body shape would bring me closer to loving myself, I wasted no time.

Once you start to honor your own gorgeous body shape and accept it for what it is, you will feel sexier and more creative and playful when you’re out shopping for clothes.

Here’s a summary of body shapes; do you see yourself in one of them?

Your fashion era is the 1950′s, 1960′s and 70′s. Your beautiful body will look amazing in a 1950′s dress with a full skirt, and you will always look best in A-line dresses that are made with light fabrics and stop just above your knees.   The longer skirts from the 1970′s have an elongating effect, which is great combined with a fitted top. However, avoid the hip hugging bell bottom styles!

You lucky lady! You have a body just like Marilyn Monroe. Go for hip skimming pencil skirts or capri pants, cinched waists and snug cardigan sweaters from the 50′s. If you think more bod-con, less shoulder pads then you will find great 80′s pieces to add to your wardrobe, too.

Now sweetheart. Every day you have some choices to make: Show off your shapely legs? Or your sizable bust? Clothing in the style of the 30′s, 60′s and 70′s that doesn’t emphasize your waist will look gorgeous on you.

Darling, your body shape looks best in 1930′s flapper styles or straight 1960′s mod styles. Avoid the 1980′s, they put too much emphasis on your waist or bustline.

Plus Size
Lush! Your curves are best wrapped in 1950′s, 1960′s and 1970′s couture. Look out for A-line cuts and styles that emphasize your waist. Stay clear of bulky fabrics like wool, tweed, and corduroy. That could end in tears.

Don’t know what shape you are?  This is a great way to find out!

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