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Happy Frocktober! Make a video + Win a FREE Karina dress!

Happy Frocktober to all the ladies of the Karina Nation!!!

What the heck is “Frocktober” you say?
Well, it’s a new tradition around the Karina Dresses community. We’ve been so blown away with
excitement, admiration, and respect for the cool gals profiled in our long-running Frockstar series that we wanted to turn the mike over to you. Literally.

We want you to send us your vision of whatever moves you, makes you feel excitement, admiration or respect. Could be anything-  a fashion outfit, your best friend, your kids, your mom, a favorite hat, a travel destination, a color,  a favorite recipe, a part of your body, a particularly clever pet, a poem or painting.  Anything G-rated enough to share with the entire community.

BUT…and this is important so listen up, ladies…it has to be a VIDEO of you communicating (speaking, singing, acting, dancing are all encouraged!) your passion, and we want you to wear your favorite Karina dress in your video.

The first 10 videos uploaded by folks to the official Karina Dresses Facebook fan page  will be rewarded with a FREE dress. Every video submission will be entered into the competition to win the FROCTOBER GRAND PRIZE, which consists of a free dress and various other delightful goodies that we are busily assembling for your pleasure.

So what are you waiting for?! Your FREE dress is just a video away; get your Karina dress on, flip the video switch on your fancy smartphone & get started NOW!

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