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Image from Sous Style. Photography by Lianna Tarantin.

Made it to the end of the week asking yourself, ‘Why is Monday so far from Friday, and Friday so near to Monday?’ Don’t despair, check out these sweet links to hush your weekend woes.

The biggest decision I make in the morning is whether to head to the gym or press snooze. For morning productivity inspiration, peep Marla Farrell of WKT Public Relations’ routine over on Sous Style.

The ever so fabulous ladies at The Beauty Department deliver a super practical and simple 1950s ponytail tutorial.

A website with a real-time feed of instagrammed photos of #new york city. Hash tag amazing!

Lady Gaga’s fragrance launch shows us exactly where the line between performance art and practically insane is crossed. Not very lady-like, but definitely gaga! (The perfume smells divine, though!)

Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast fame features a metallic Oscar de la Renta dress in the deserted depths of a moonlit evening to make serious magic.

A fantastic feature from Vogue Australia stating the obvious that women have been declaring for eons; plus-sized women are normal-sized women.

Gala Darling discusses her style direction for fall 2013, and further fuels this season’s blatant love for all things neon.

Hipsterisms in Housing? The neglected charm of suburbs being discovered and then slowly transformed into a trendy, and later, overrated location is looked at. Also, this features a little mention of the awesome TV show ‘Girls.’

 Have a great weekend!

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