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How To Get Over A Bad Day Without Raiding The Cupboards

Davinia Hamilton is a writer, actress, and student on mission to live a positive life.  She’s originally from Malta, but is currently calling Dublin home.  She writes about life, adventure, photography, and food.  Befriend her on Twitter or Facebook!

There is a sinking feeling in your gut. You feel a mixture of heaven-ward-fist-shaking anger and a general sadness which almost convinces you to take up hibernation. The corners of your mouth feel droopy. Your eyes are welling up. The day’s taken its toll on you and that’s alright – even the most positive people have crappy days. Some days are so frustrating that you’re entitled to want to scream and curse and hide out in your bed.

We all have these days and we all have our ways of dealing with them. Me? I go straight for the cigarettes (bad, bad Davinia!) and when they don’t help I start rummaging through my food cupboards until I happen upon some chocolate.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m definitely not knocking chocolate. Chocolate has happy hormones in it, we all know that. Instead, we should be thinking of other ways to feel better – which don’t involve ingesting things.

Get cosy instead.
I’m talking about changing into your warmest, fluffiest pajamas with a hot water bottle, curling up on your couch, covering yourself in a warm rug and settling down to watch your favorite film. You know the one: you’re in love with the protagonists, you know the entire script by heart, you bawl every time you see it. Watch something you’ve seen at least once before. It’s catharsis and you’ll feel better and ready for a good night’s sleep at the end of it. My film choices? City of Angels, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Notting Hill, Love, Actually, Moulin Rouge!

Call your family.
Especially if you live away from home – perhaps in a different city or country (like I do!). Most days you’re doing great. You’ve carved out a small group of good friends. You’ve surrounded yourself with things you love. You’ve established your daily routine. But on especially shit days it’s good to know your family is there. They may be far away but a phone call or a Skype convo will help you connect with them. You don’t even have to talk about your day. Talk about anything. Talk about the time you were all in Paris together. Talk about your plans for Christmas. Just connect with your pack and suddenly you’re not so lonely anymore.

If you’re ready to talk about what’s bothering you, confide in somebody you really trust.
Perhaps your partner or your best friend. Somebody you know will be compassionate and listen to you and give you good advice. Somebody you don’t mind crying in front of and who you can be honest with. Let them know what you need – whether you need somebody to hear you out or somebody to just agree with you and be on your side.

Plan a holiday.
You don’t need to go overboard; you don’t even need to buy plane tickets. In fact – don’t. Don’t fork out any cash at all when you’re in a foul mood. Just figure out when you will next be able to take a holiday and plan it. Think about it in real detail too. Look up prices and dates. Look up photos online and save them in your special ‘Holiday’ folder. Read blogs about all the things you can do when you’re there. Think about who you’ll take with you and what you’ll pack. Plan it down to the last detail. Sometimes, all we need is a temporary escape from the humdrum of everyday life. We may be creatures of habit but everyone needs to shake things up sometimes. And who knows? Come next pay day, the trip may still be on your mind and it may just happen.

Break out that feather duster.
if you’re anything like me, feeling crappy will make you want to clean. Now I hate cleaning. I’m not ashamed to say it. I hate cleaning. It’s a chore. I do it but I don’t enjoy it. But for some reason when I’m upset, this klaxon suddenly goes off inside my head and then I’m all about the mops and the vacuum cleaners. And I’m not talking about reluctant dusting either. I’m talking about really getting into that hard-to-reach corner and under those books you haven’t touched for months. I’m talking about running around the house with garbage bag in hand and dumping everything that needs to be thrown away – from wrappers to junk mail to expired food. And with every thing I throw away I feel better, rejuvenated. The scrunching of a paper is the sound my demons make as I vanquish them.

Crawl into bed. 
Your pillow just looks so soft – you could sink right into it. Your duvet is huge and heavy and warm. It’s a little cocoon in there. Who cares if it’s only 8 p.m? Whatever, darling, just get in there and fall asleep. Get 10 hours of sleep tonight instead of eight. Drift off into your own personal dreamscape and just stay there till you absolutely have to. You know you’ll feel better in the morning.

photo by Jiffy Cat, for sale here.

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