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The Megan Dress Goes To France

Aparajita Kumar is a 22 year old Indian blogger currently living in France. You can find her personal style blog at Dressing Up For Life. When she isn’t busy taking pictures of her daily outfits, she loves to read, travel and experiment in the kitchen.

Karina Cousineau, the founder of Karina dresses, makes dresses for every body shape and any age from 18 to 80. After receiving my first Karina dress (the Megan short sleeve), I have to say that I completely agree. This is a classic dress that would look great not only on me, but even on my mom or any other woman who wants a simple yet elegant dress. The neckline is flattering without being revealing, the high waistband emphasizes my natural waist and the stretchy microfiber fabric is substantial and doesn’t cling to reveal any lumps/bumps. What more could a girl want?!

Karina dresses are very travel friendly as they don’t wrinkle at all, even when rolled into a teeny tiny corner of a suitcase (yes, I tried!). They are also 100% machine washable. I just popped mine into the machine on a cold wash cycle and it came out looking as good as new. I then air dried it overnight and it was good to go. It didn’t need any ironing at all! So the next time I go on a trip, this dress will definitely be going with me.

I wore my Karina dress on a day out at the Parc de la tête d’or in Lyon with my husband. I felt great in it all day!  I walked around a lot and the dress never felt constricting or uncomfortable, in fact it felt nice and breezy in the 33°C heat. I also felt like I fit right in with all the stylish women of Lyon!

My only gripe with this dress is the sleeve placement, which I think looked a bit overwhelming on on my narrow shoulders. However, this is the first Karina dress that I have tried and I am sure there is a style that will suit my body type a bit more.

I highly recommend these dresses, to anyone who is looking for an easy to wear, easy to care for, flattering dress that is perfect for travel!

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