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Karina Chronicles

Meet Your Maker: October Edition

Each month we ask our founder and namesake Karina Cousineau what she loves at the moment.  Here’s what’s inspiring her these days.

1.  Squash soup
It’s that time of year for squash soup – yum!  My version is made with apples and curry.  It’s super simple, vegan, and very tasty.

2. Farm fresh eggs
our beloved cat, Gustav has moved to the country to take a job as head mouser.  My friend’s Jo-Erl’s farm has the most amazing eggs produced by beautiful chickens.

3.  Diana Vreeland
This fashion icon’s documentary came out this month and is a total must see !

4.  Dresses for girls

I’ve been working on patterns and thinking about a tween line.  Moms have been saying there aren’t a great selection out there.  Thoughts?

5. Fashion in New York
It’s not just women’s fashion that we find ourselves looking at, right?  I love, love, love individual style.  I  saw this gentleman on the A train!

Thanks so much, Karina!

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