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Karina Chronicles

Patti Gibbons of ‘Not Dead Yet Style’ Studio Visit

We were so excited to have Patti Gibbons of Not Dead Yet Style and her husband Sandy in our Brooklyn offices October, 19th. Patti and Sandy stopped by to discuss the exciting future of our promotions and marketing strategies for 2013.

Karina and Laura, a new sales and inventory assistant, are all smiles while they wait for Patti and Sandy to arrive:

Karina shows off some of our dresses to Patti:

Patti and Karina discuss marketing and promotion strategies while checking out more dresses:

We finished up the day by having dinner at MOMO, a sushi place close to the office. Look at how cute these two are!

Thanks so much for stopping by, Patti and Sandy. We hope you come back soon!

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