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Friday comes before Saturday! The perfect day to peruse this bunch of links featuring a return to the Gothic aesthetic and a man who tells you to walk towards the mountain.

Eco-friendly, colourful and simply stunning knitwear is featured over at The Red Thread‘s post about small Australian label Uimi

Neil Gaiman makes good art out of commencement speeches

The house of Lisa Gorman has the potential to outshine her knack for fashion design

Cherry Blossom Girl can confirm that Baroque is back!

The streets of Helsinki are littered with individual and quirky street fashionistas! Have a look for yourself over on Hel Looks

Never give up on your dreams of meeting your hero. This guy hasn’t. Can’t wait to see the outcome!

Do you want to get Freaky Geeky? Maybe there is someone else out there who wants the same… via Tiger Butter

Daniel makes on the cheap DIY look like a million bucks.

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