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One quick thing before we get to these fun links. Karina Dresses has a Facebook page which we use to post links/personal updates/funny pictures of  dogs.  Mr. Zuckerberg now requires us to pay to promote our pages, which means only 10% of you guys will see updates. If you want to keep seeing updates:
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Now, onto the link!

New York Fashion Week 2012 was all about a strong eyebrow. Here’s the how-to for those of us without access to a professional makeup artist.

With this lineup of essential accessories in your closet, you too can always look as put together as Benedict Cumberbatch.

So you’re not dragging three suitcases and a duffel bag through Charles de Gaulle airport, here’s how to pack.

Every woman needs the perfect trench coat, and Burberry does them best.

Who says basics need to be boring? Some great white collared shirts, and some brilliant beauties.

The fashion bible sets down the commandments for essential fall bags. I wonder if they’ll all fit the September issue?

Everyone loves those Isabel Marant Dicker boots, but not everyone wants to pony up the price. Check out some affordable alternatives to fall’s perfect ankle boot.

The ultimate fall staple: the blazer.

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