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Everyone needs a little sparkle! Make a DIY glitter clutch.

Kat of Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride shares her tips for running your own business.

Ever been in the awkward situation where you draw someone you don’t know in the office secret santa? Lid Sids are pretty much the perfect present for anyone who has any sense of humor.

Makeovers aren’t just for people! Jess at Jess Lively gave her desk a makeover and it’s super cute.

You were born to be a badass.

“Socrates called it a daemon, as did Goethe: a kind of spirit that dwells within and compels you toward your destiny. You can think of it as your own personal unique value proposition, but instead of a statement on paper or catchy tagline on your blog it’s a living, leading thing that speaks from your bones. It may not know exactly what you should be doing – since that depends on information yet to reveal itself, skills yet to be acquired – but it knows the direction to head in, step by baby step.”

These christmas cards blend old and new in a really exciting way. They draw from 8-bit graphics but use pop-ups and bright colors. Guaranteed smile for the gaming-obsessed teen in your life.

There’s a 170 foot trampoline in Russia.

Did you know “Thaumaturgy” means “the performance of miracles?” More words to know.

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