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Before we dig into these great links, we wanted to alert you to a FRIDAY FLASH SALE! This weekend Adrienne & Ava can go home with you for the sale price of $79.  What a perfect  holiday gift – for you or someone you love!

Refinery 29 gives some tips on How to Travel in Style, Sans Sweats.

Were you missing a list of the 100 best quotes to get inspired? We’ve got you covered. Here’s one of our favorites:
“Tell me, what is it you plan to do / with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver, New and Selected Poems

Advanced Style is the best blog filled with dapper elderly people, you’ll see today. Guaranteed.

These geometric paper decorations are the best way to modernize your holiday decor.

We’re all told that  The benefits of Yoga are endless, but #1 on this list has to be the best:

“#1: I feel like a goddess. Seriously I do. There is something about doing Ashtanga yoga that makes me feel powerful, graceful and damn right goddess like.” 

Everyone stuggles with self-criticism, and sometimes turning off that little voice that says “I can’t” can be so hard. Here are five reasons to try.

The girls over at Rookie Mag compiled a list of great advice from writers on writer’s block, but the advice applies to all creative endeavors.

Every week we ask our Frockstars what they’d like to tell their teenage selves, here’s what L.A. Pintea would say to hers:

“Learning how to deal with my grown-up body during its first year would have made a significant difference in my life, and it would’ve saved me the next 20 exhausting years of compensating for its incorrectness by trying to be smarter, nicer, better. ”   

Danni of Oh, Hello Friend shared a collection of letters that she’s sent. Imagine getting one of these in the mail! So adorable.

Don’t forget!  Adrienne! Ava!  $79!  (Yup, we’re so excited we felt it deserved four exclamation points.)

Have a great weekend, ladies!

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