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The World’s Sweetest Graffiti?

Sarah Von Bargen writes a lifestyle blog, Yes and Yes. By day she is a copywriter/blogger-for-hire/internet awesome-i-fier. She wants to see the world, save the dolphins and read The New Yorker while wearing cute outfits and eating bon bons. You too? Be friends on twitter and facebook!

Being a total neat freak, I am one of those people who usually gets righteously indignant and harumph-y over graffiti.

Wait, let me qualify that: I get wound up over poorly done, unattractive graffiti. But if we’re talking about clever, deft, well-done graffiti? Well, that’s a horse of a different color. Have you ever happened past a bit of lovely, inspiring wall-art? It will brighten your face every blessed day that you walk past it, I promise. I would love to rush past these to pieces on my way to work every day.

Reverse graffiti appeals to the neat freak in me. ‘Vandals’ selectively clean parts of walls that have beencovered with years of dirt and grime, making for white on black scenes. Ingenious, no?

And have you guys heard about moss graffiti? Cheeky guerrilla gardeners use this recipe on brick and cement walls to create gorgeous, clever pieces of mossy art like this:

Do you have a favorite piece of graffiti in your city? Would you ever engage in a bit of inspirational vandalism? I would!

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