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DONT FORGET! – The $99 Super Sale continues in the web store, while supplies last.

If you like laughing, you’ll love the Huffington Post Comedy tumblr.

We really love Lena Dunham and all she’s doing for young women both on and off the screen.

If you’re feeling the need to travel but can’t leave where you are right now, check out the 10 Best Travel Destinations of 2012 and the 13 Best Luxury Hotels in Europe and swoon.

This interactive map has a dot on it for every person in the US and is incredibly fun to play with.

Winter bleakness is no match for artist Simon Beck, who spends hours trampling on snow to make these stunning works of snow art.

Here at Karina we’ve always been dedicated to making beautiful dresses for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes so we were particularly excited to head that London Fashion Week is jumping on the bandwagon and celebrating some more diverse body types.

We all have those old t-shirts we have no idea what to do with. Check out this super-simple DIY guide to  give you some things to try out!

On the DIY theme, how cute are these spice racks and other easy ways to organize your kitchen? @bobvila

In NYC, small living spaces are the norm, but organization and maximizing your space is something we think everyone aspires to. Apartment therapy put together their best tips of 2012for small spaces.

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