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Clickity Click! Giant January Sale!


The Karina Giant January Sale is in its last week- all styles now available in web store for only $99. Check it out now!

Tips for Creating a Mindful Home:
“#6: Slow down; Literally. When we race around at a frenetic pace, our minds operate at the same speed. And who can sleep at night when your head is spinning like a Nutcracker ballerina after too many Red Bulls? When you slow down your physical actions, even just the smallest bit, your shoulders relax, your jaw un-clenches, and your mind can be a bit more at ease.”

Ever stepped on an errant lego? Or found a pile of them ankle deep in your basement? Sustainablog has some ideas for what to with those (thousands of) extra legos you have lying in your house.

We love travel here at Karina, so when CNN put together some fun and adventurous travel resolutions for 2013 we knew we needed to share them with you!

Sometimes dressing your kids can be hard- especially pre-teen boys. Babble put together some tips for dealing with your tween when he gets dressed in the morning.

This house in Spain was an abandoned stable renovated into a gorgeous family home using sustainable architecture and technology.

Valentines day is around the corner and these DIY heart boxes would make the perfect container for any sweets you’d like to give your sweetie!

Stop Being So Freaked Out About The Future.
“The best gift you could give to yourself is perspective and the ability to enjoy today without worrying about tomorrow. Take your anxieties on bit by bit, thus making everything more manageable, and realize that your future is not out to murder you. It’s not a shadowy ghost figure wielding a chainsaw.”

This beehive is gorgeous and aims to fix our flawed relationship with bees.

These table settings are a feast for your eyes while you feast on your meal!

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