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Planning Your Daring Adventure

Tara Swiger is a author, maker and Starship Captain. You can explore your creative business + make a map for your year on her site.

As a Frockstar, you are bound to have a fashionably rocking year. I bet you’ve already started dreaming big about the glories of 2013. While dreaming is vital to making big things happen, the real magic comes from combining your amazing dreams with supportive, realistic plans to make them happen.

To mix up the magic combination, take the time to think it through and write it all out (I use Leonie’s Workbook for Life + Business). Take a few days and then do the following:

1. Pick a word or phrase to guide you. I think of it as a kind of lesson plan for my coming year. These words guide my adventures and provide a focus for my learning. Ali Edwards offers a fun class to help you work with your One Little Word all year.

2. Make it doable. Big dreams and lofty plans are delightful, but stuff gets DONE in the daily work of to-do lists + schedules. Make a map (or several) to break your big destinations down into mile-by-mile driving directions.

3. Make a PLAN for support. Surround yourself with people who know how to do what you want to do and people who actually DO what they want to do. If you don’t know many in real life, you’ll have to make a plan for finding the support you need. Don’t just wait for it to come to you! {Don’t know where to start? Check out Sarah’s Network of Nice!}

What have you done to make 2013 a daring adventure? 

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