Karina Chronicles

Meet Your Maker: February Edition

Each month we ask our fearless leader and namesake Karina Cousineau what she loves.  Here’s what she loves for February!

1. Snow
Certainly  inspired by the latest blizzard; this doggie gets a snow dog friend complete with a dog bone nose!

 2. Being offline and unplugged
I’m inspired by power outages.  This will be a once-a-week habit moving forward, yielding many rewards :)

 3. Pizza!
I made this during a much needed break- handmade with the help of Trader Joe crust.

 4. Jazz in Brooklyn
This is where you can find me Friday nights; tapping my foot with happy ears. Truly a genuine gem in my hood!

5. Liz Lemon
I’m sorry to see 30 Rock end, but Ben & Jerry’s made it sweet with the yummy Greek frozen yogurt called Liz Lemon!

Thanks for sharing, Karina! 

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