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The Megan Dress Takes Hong Kong!

Based out of New York City and Canada, Cinny is the mommy to JR and Baby Pom. When not working or studying full time, she can be found working on Whirlwind of Surprises or cuddling with her hubby and playing with her dogs. She shines in the warm company of friends and family and  enjoys playing with her 3 little nephews.

Last month, I finally had a rare opportunity to take a family vacation. It’s been years since my brother was able to get some time off so it made this all the more special.

I usually stress over packing. I always worry about what to pack and if I’ve forgotten anything. It can take me anywhere from a full day to a couple days to pack. This time, I set a new record. It was the first time packing finished so quickly. My secret?

My pal, Karina, helped this Frockstar out. I had a beautiful wardrobe of Karina dresses at my fingertips. Easy dresses that didn’t wrinkle or take up much space.

I balled up my dresses, tossed them in the suitcase and was pretty much ready to go. Even during the trip, laundry was a breeze. My Karina dresses could go in the washer and dryer so I was always looking my best.

It was -15 degrees Celsius (about 5 degrees Farenheit) and stubborn little me was still insisting on wearing my Karina dress with leggings to the airport. Um, well, if I’m going to be travelling for 20+ hours and have 2 different lay overs (each 3+ hours long), I’m going to be comfortable and I don’t care what you say. The brief cold isn’t going to deter me.

I decided to wear the Megan 3/4 Sleeve in Paisley size S/M. Surprisingly, this was still a nice fit on me. The comfort and ease of movement in it is as always, wonderfully smooth. I did notice, however, that the fabric is the type to sometimes snag on velcro. Luckily, with the pattern, those little snags were invisible to the naked eye. So, you see me at one of my lay overs in Shanghai’s Pudong airport above and on the Ngong Ping 360 Sky ride. Ngong Ping 360 takes you to the base of the Big Buddha.

While we were there, Tai O is a relatively short bus ride away so of course, we’d go! It’s an old fishing village that has maintained their traditional ways. They live in these aluminum panel houses built on stilts and throughout the village, you could see all sorts of food items being dried. A beautiful place surrounded by nature…and a place I could pig out on all sorts of local snacks (that cuttlefish had to weigh at least 5+ lbs)! I had a wonderful time travelling with family and guess what, this is only the first of several posts to come!

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