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Happy Friday Everyone! Here are some links for you to enjoy:

For you moms out there who are struggling with teaching your daughters about makeup: Talking to Girls About Beauty

So many laughs. The Inner Monologe of A Full Time Photoblogger:  I roll over in bed and bump into my heavily tattooed boyfriend. He’s wearing strategically placed boxer briefs and his perfectly groomed bedhead doesn’t weird me out anymore. I hop over him and walk through my minimalist, sepia-toned bedroom. There is a bunch of chopped wood under my desk—I’m not sure how it got there, but I’m planning to make a fire tonight and I think I may casually roast artisanal s’mores over it with some of my L.L. Bean-outfitted friends. 

PS: If you though that quit about L.L. Bean, check out Catalog Living, one blogger’s attempt to keep up with the families living in your catalogs.

Working moms are a topic close to our hearts. The Atlantic has a really great article on striving to find balance.

We’re drooling over the world’s best fresh markets.  Seriously.

Looking to redecorate? 5 Steps to making it happen with the prettiest pictures to accompany the tips.

We’re also big on lifehackers and these are travel-flavored!

If you’ve been living under a rock or traveling in some amazing country with no internet, be sure to comb through the archives of Humans of New York because you’ve missed an amazing street photography blog.

Blogging goddess Gala Darling is putting together a ten part series on blogging and the lessons can be applied to basically any entrepreneur.

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