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Frockstar™: Meagan Patroni of Aloha Creative

Name: Meagan Patroni
Age: 30
Online homes: Aloha Creative // Mana Dance // Twitter // Facebook
Favorite Karina dress:
The aptly named…’Megan‘…. really; it has the perfect shaping for my body type. I think it’s gorgeous and comes in a range of colours! It’s so cute!


What are your every day, must-reads, online or off?
Ok, I’ll be honest…as soon as I wake up I reach for my ipad and check out Facebook and Twitter…not only do I see what my friends have been up to but I follow news via these platforms. After that I view my city newspaper (ipad app) and I also check out the news from our Pacific neighbours via Maori News and Radio Australia. I lived in Vanuatu between 2004 and 2007, contributing to several media including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and since then the Pacific has always been a part of me. The region intrigues me with its politics but most importantly – its people. I find Pacific Islanders so culturally diverse and just…beautiful. I travel around the Pacific as often as possible, gathering news but also partaking in cultural aspects of the Pacific through dance such as Hawaiian hula, Ori Tahiti and Mau Rākau (stick fighting).

You own your own creative company that specializes in event coordination, public relations, artist management, social media management, copywriting, design, radio production and presentation (!)  What’s the best, most exciting event you’ve ever put together?
I’ve been so honoured to arrange some fantastic events! Closest to my heart have been fundraisers for women’s charities, (especially housing for women) however – the biggest and most exciting for me personally was arranging a group of 5 Tahitian dancers (myself included) to travel to Tahiti in 2008 to attend ‘Heiva i Tahiti’ – one of the largest cultural dance events in the world. We took a year to raise funds for this amazing trip… can you imagine “Hi, would you like to donate to Tiare Sydney Tahitian Dance Group so we can go to Tahiti…” but we did it and it was well worth it for us and those that we were able to share with once we got back to Sydney. While we were in Tahiti we met all of the great Tahitian dance choreographers and performers, including those of Le Grand Ballet de Tahiti. We toured French Polynesia and were able to return to Australia equipped to share a greater knowledge and understanding.

You also travel extensively.  What are your top three, must-pack items?

1. Thongs (um, I think in the US you call them flip flops…?) – not just for utilisation in communal showers – they come in handy at the beach – especially in the Pacific where there are all kinds of things that can sting if stepped on!

2. Head torch. Ok… I’m sounding so practical but really – I have been so glad to have this on the ready in Africa and the Pacific where power supply can be minimal… even in Australia…it means you can have your hands free to hunt for that item of clothing in your suit case or read a book (without disturbing anyone).

3. Scarf. A good scarf, like my favourite baby pink cotton one, can be used for an added layer of warmth over your lap whilst on the plane – over your shoulders of an evening out – over your head if in an islamic country or around your waist as a sarong.

If you could give your 16 year old self advice, what would you say?
I would say; Meagan! Listen! Please don’t worry. Everything will be fine. You have within you – everything you need and more. You will have great achievements and great disappointments – but the key is – they will all be great. You will learn. You will love. You will truly live. Don’t ever give up. Don’t listen to those that say you can’t or you shouldn’t – you can! You know what is right for you – always listen to yourself! And, I love you!

Your perfect day.  What would it look like?
…a swim at ‘my local’ – Bronte Beach, followed by a beautiful breakfast of poached eggs and toasted rye with spinach. A lovely cup of coffee and the newspaper. Next up…markets with friends – vintage clothes and organic food…lots of looking and chatting – giggles. Then an afternoon of absinthe at my favourite bar Absinthesalon and then a burly (burlesque) show… featuring my favourite performers! My night would end…dare I say it… with lots of naughtiness… leading to hilarious stories to share with my girlies.

Thanks so much for sharing, Meagan! 

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